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Himalayan Salt Blocks for Livestock- 1 tonne

Bulk Himalayan animal salt 1 tonne

40 heavy duty, single bagged bags.

Each bag has 1-5 blocks averaging 25kg.

Suitable as an all year round supplement containing 84 vital minerals to cool stock in the summer and warm them in the winter.

Depending on pastures avaliable, 1 tonne will last 100 cows and calves for one year.

$0.80 per DSE per year

$12.50 per 15 DSE per year

Freight included + GST



What our customers are saying about this product...

The first tonne has almost gone and have given samples to a couple of neighbours which want a bit more, so send me an invoice for 2 tonne please. I am feeding every day and would get the usual mad rush when I went into paddock. But just one week after putting Himalayan rock salt out the sheep were much less ravenous, more calm and stood back and waited for me to move on, even leaving some grain. The at point of lamb ewes are consuming the most.

Colin Harper - July 2018

We have been using Himalayan salt blocks for the last 5 years. Living on the Northern Tablelands our sodium soil levels are very low. Our animals thrive on the sodium and minerals included in the Himalayan salt blocks, and the results can be  seen in their contentment. Thank you Locke for providing such a great product.


Bar and Mike & Tom Mulligan - March 2018