About Us

Salts of the Himalayas was established by Locke and Melissa Wright in February 2011.

We practice sustainable agriculture on our farms and have gained years of experience in animal nutrition and soil biology.

The product behind our business was discovered when Locke's father, Tim, travelled to South Africa to play cricket. He saw Himalayan salt being fed to livestock when he was visiting farms in South Africa at the end of 2010.

When Tim returned to Australia he purchased some Himalayan salt blocks and began feeding it to his own sheep and cattle and found there was a considerable difference in their coats and overall condition.

Himalayan salt contains the 84 trace elements that are essential for both humans and animals. The product is totally natural with no toxins or pollutants. It is hand mined in Pakistan and is more then 250 million years old.

We import the 100 per cent, 1st grade pure Himalayan salt from Pakistan.

Benefits include:

  • Increase in utilsation of dry feed
  • Himalayan salt regulates blood, digestive and excretion processes
  • Hard and weather resistant, so animals are unable to gorge on the salt
  • Can be placed in stock water troughs to clean water and remove algae deposits
  • Regulates body temperature minimising winter cold stress and summer heat stress
  • We sell salt for both livestock and human consumption
  • Salts of the Himalayas supply bulk himalayan salt direct to the public all across Australia