Himalayan Salt for Livestock and Human Consumption

As an Australian-based company located at Uralla, NSW in the northern tablelands of New England, we import only premium grade Himalayan salt from Pakistan. Our long-term supplier provides us with laboratory-test results, with certification in ISO standards including HACCP. Our supplier also has accreditation for FEMAS in the UK.

Quality Products

Our Himalayan Salt products are laboratory-tested, indicating 84 minerals and trace elements essential for both human and animal health. The salt is of crystallised structure, and when ingested mixes with water becoming an electrolyte, supporting vitality at the biocellular level.

Premium grade Himalayan salt is mid to deep pink in colour; visibly translucent to clear; and crystalline in structure. It’s solid as a rock.

Poor quality Himalayan salt is easy to identify because it’s crumbly; is pale pink to whitish in colour and dissolves easily.

Himalayan Salt is more then 250 million years old. The product is totally natural with no toxins or pollutants, and has an unlimited shelf life.

Conversely, natural sea salt is increasingly proving to be polluted with plastic particles as well as pollutants from shipping.

As Animal Feed Supplement

Himalayan salt is a value-adding animal mineral supplement. As it passes through the animal it supports healthy cell function. For example, some indicators of efficacy are hides shine and wool fibre is soft in handle.

When excreted Himalayan Salt continues to value-add as a soil and pasture improver. Regular soil tests have shown this to be the case in our own farming enterprises.

Value for Money

In the form of solid lumps, the Himalayan salt we supply is weather resistant (doesn’t crumble). Because it doesn't contain urea, its suitable for a mix of livestock type under your grazing plan.

By feeding the gut, animals ingest salt according to their specific needs. They ingest more salt during demands of breeding and lactation and when protein levels in the pasture drops.

When mineral needs are satisfied, there is a noticeable decrease in pasture consumption, and nutritionally-satisfied livestock are more calm. Himalayan Salt helps regulate body temperature in extremes of heat and cold.

Testimonials indicate improved conception rates.

Proven Results

As primary producers ourselves,  Himalayan Salt has been available to our cattle and sheep since 2010. Excreted minerals have proven to contribute to improved soil, pasture and biological diversity. As a farming operation which regularly participates in Scientific Research, our soils have been tested regularly over a 15+ year period.

This product fits perfectly with our holistically-managed regenerative cattle/sheep/superfine wool enterprise, contributing to a healthy “bottom line” due to increased carrying capacity and excellent market prices for our produce.