Himalayan Salt for Livestock and Human Consumption

We are an Australian based company located at Coonabarabran, NSW. We import our Himalayan salt from Pakistan.

Himalayan salt is an essential supplement to animal nutrition as the crystal salt decreases ailments and increases feed efficiency, productivity and the animal’s general health.

We work with livestock and have over 20 years experience in sustainable grazing practices. We understand the importance of good nutrition to enhance productivity and performance.

What our customers are saying about our products...

We are on our third tonne pallet of Himalayan Salt. Our cattle have stopped chasing minerals by chewing bark and in general seem to be utilizing the pastures more effectively. During late winter their coats have a bloom to them and when the Spring flush is on I am no longer concerned about bloat. The stock have constant access to the salt so there is no gorging. Finally we use it, in the ground form in the kitchen. We all need minerals!

James Barnet - June 2012