Himalayan Salt for Livestock and Human Consumption

We are an Australian based company located at Coonabarabran, NSW. We import our Himalayan salt from Pakistan.

Himalayan salt is an essential supplement to animal nutrition as the crystal salt decreases ailments and increases feed efficiency, productivity and the animal’s general health.

We work with livestock and have over 20 years experience in sustainable grazing practices. We understand the importance of good nutrition to enhance productivity and performance.

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Himalayan Salt for Livestock and Human Consumption

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What our customers are saying about our products...

After 50 years of running cattle on a small property at Watsons Creek near Tamworth our job has been much easier by implementing a managed grazing system and the use of Himalayan salt. The salt is easily moved to a new paddock every few days, it does not deteriorate in wet weather and it does not contain urea. Having different animal species to feed is overcome by using himalayan salt.

Our salt costs have been reduced by over 50% by purchasing Himalayan salt. It is very economical, as half a tonne was thought to last 30 cattle plus pets for 6 months. It lasted 16 months. Early calving puts pressure on the shorthorn cows but with the use of the salt the newborn calves are born with a glossy coat and loads of energy.

In the past pink eye was a significant problem, however since introducing Himalayan salt and number 4 TNN mineral blocks there were no cases of pink eye in the 2011/2012 summer season.

The animals manure spreads the salt minerals around the paddocks-this is an added bonus. We are more than satisfied with the change to Himalayan salt.

Radi Tintner - May 2014