About Us

Salts of the Himalayas Pty Ltd was established as an Australian import business in 2011. Our product is premium grade bulk salt for both agriculture and human consumption.

On our farm in the New England - we practice regenerative agriculture with an holistic approach - integrating nature’s free resources into whole of farm practices.

Our values see us strive towards healthier, happier livestock; ecologically sound land management practices; and satisfaction as farmers who have high regard for human and animal health. We own and manage a viable livestock operation, producing best quality food and fibre our domestic and international markets.

The product behind the Salt business was discovered by Tim Wright while on a junket cricket trip to South Africa in 2010. When visiting holistically managed farms there, Tim saw Himalayan salt made available to livestock. Raising livestock under such harsh conditions, he was impressed by how healthy the stock looked.

Difficult to source Himalayan Salt in Australia as a bulk item, it was decided to import the product directly and make it available to others in bulk and in smaller lots. We supply to agribusinesses and the hospitality industry. As a Wright family business - Salts of the Himalayas was established by son Locke, and in 2023 changed ownership and management to Suzanne Wright with support from Tim.

“The quality of the Himalayan Salt makes all the difference” says Tim, who is willing to answer questions about the benefits of this natural mineral source.

In recent years we have found poorer quality Himalayan salt creeping into the Australian market. Low grade salt is easy to identify because it’s crumbly, pale pink to whitish, low in minerals and trace elements and dissolves easily . Whereas, the highest grade Himalayan salt is a rich, deeper pink; translucent to clear salt - and solid as a rock. It's crystal structure gives it a luminescent quality. It does not create a thirst and need for water, like sodium chloride does.

Only wanting to import the best salt, we have laboratory-analyses indicating 84 minerals and trace elements -  essential for supporting both human and animal vitality at the biocellular level of function. Salt mixed with water becomes an electrolyte.

"Why choose Himalayan Salt" we have been asked. Unlike natural sea salt, which is increasingly proving to be polluted with plastic particles as well as pollutants from shipping, Himalayan Salt is crystallised mineral and doesn't "drive you to drink".

Our product is mined with safety, by adults, and is totally natural with no toxins or pollutants. It has an unlimited shelf life. 

When you buy our salt,  you support jobs across the world from Pakistan to Australia.  We in turn donate part of our business profits to Sober in the Country - an Australian charitable program for rural people with alcohol dependency.