Minerals for Production

14th Sep 2020

Minerals for Fertliity and Production

Feeding all types of animals, providing minerals all year round, too utilise crops, pastures and microbes to the soil.

We need to think about looking after the farm animals from the soil to the trees. 

Himalayan salt solves issues from lifting production values of conception rates, fertllity, animal growth and development.

Himalayan salt essential minerals known facts:


To digest any feed better, improve reproduction, shorten service period, decrease staggers and improve milk production


Promotes healthy growth and development, regulates energy metaboism, regulates body temperature, helps with lactation, muscle function,immune defense, regulates normal blood, lymph ciculation & seasonality of reproduction.


Prevents mastitis and scours, helps dry animals cycle, improves weight gain and immunity to footrot.


Helps transfers nutrients around the body and removes waste from cells. Animals expel sodium through urine, faeces, saliva, milk production


Helps with teeth, bone structure, milk production. Muscle, skeeleton and milk structure, helps with birth.


Helps with body, bone, wool growth, pigmentation, healthy nerve fibres, white blood cell function, coat, fertlity, heavy worm infestations, pregnant, lactating growing animals.


Helps and provides electrolytes in the body, cell function levels, metabolism, muscle cell function, balanced diet.

Maintains water balance, regulates enzymes and regulates the heartbeat.


Helps in the production of ammino acids and helps the growth in rumens microorganisms.

Plus a whole lot of other minerals!