Salts. An Easy Sustainable Agriculture Solution On-farm

10th Dec 2018

If I told you that maintaining a healthy weight, colour and vibrance in your livestock is easy, even in the grip of drought, would you believe me?

Just a very simple step such as supplementing with a mineral lick can see drastic improvements in livestock health and nutrition.

Nourish the soil

The Conversation in March last year published an article outlining how our soils sustain life, or, just can’t, when depleted of vital minerals that have been taken out, but not replaced. The closing comment in this article reads, “Looking after our soils ultimately means looking after ourselves.”

Sustainable agriculture, right there. It’s well-known that minerals are vital to health. The body doesn’t make them, minerals come from our food. But when the minerals are depleted from the soil for plants to uptake, then the minerals that livestock require are missing and they are left to chase bark etc to find the nutrients their bodies crave.

Picture this

Perhaps you have had enough of seeing the drought-stricken farm pictures all over social media. It’s gut-wrenching to see hollow, dying or dead animals, the barren ground. Let me paint another picture for you—grass as far as the eye can see, despite the drought. Content animals that are eating less yet gaining weight. Seem far-fetched? Let me share a quick testimonial with you.

This report came in from a customer: “I am feeding every day and would get the usual mad rush when I went into the paddock. But just one week after putting Himalayan rock salt out the sheep were much less ravenous, more calm and stood back and waited for me to move on, even leaving some grain.”

Himalayan Salt – the benefits

As a natural supplement, Himalayan salt is an excellent source of much needed minerals and trace elements. Animals instinctively know what they need, they lick the salt only as they require. Himalayan salt is chemical free without sweeteners. It encourages water intake and is durable and water tolerant.

We encourage you to give us a call to discuss the immediate benefits to be gained from a mineral supplement for your livestock. The inputs given to our livestock benefits the soil due to mineralised manure automatically giving life back to the soil. We would love to discuss the requirements of your farming operation. Call today.