Salts. An Easy Sustainable Agriculture Solution On-farm

10th Dec 2018

If I told you that maintaining a healthy weight, colour and vibrance in your livestock is easy, even in the grip of drought, would you believe me? Just a very simple step such as supplementing with a mineral lick can see drastic improvements in live... more details

Water Trough Algae

3rd Dec 2018

Himalayan rock salt treating algae growing in water troughs. 1kg of Himalayan rock salt to 100 litres of water. Placed in the concrete round trough. Four days later you can see the water trough is much cleaner.... more details

Himalayan Salt Lick for Cattle

12th Nov 2018

Cattle licking Himalayan Salt as they are on a protein nut and grain ration. Needing salt for a balanced diet.... more details

New Stockist - Thompson’s Saddlery

31st Oct 2018

Thompson’s Saddlery now stock Himalayan salt licks small and large. Plus salt bricks! 64 John StCoonabarabran NSW 2357 0414 243 697... more details

Land Health

15th Oct 2018

Land health is all about building plant production and the soil's ability to infiltrate and retain water, stop land degradation and improve living and profitability. There are many ways to do this, either by moving animals on a regular basis, intr... more details

Himalayan Salt in Water Troughs

27th Sep 2018

Himalayan salt can be placed in any water trough to minimise algal build up, clean water and stock absorb the salt more readily in the water. This will improve shininess to the hair, detox the body and overall appearance. I work with a ratio of 1kg... more details

Land Management Helpful Links

6th Sep 2018

Holistic Management Discussion Group Landcare Central West Coonabrabran LLS Raynar Ag Bob Freebairn ... more details

Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

29th Jun 2018

Containing at least 84 naturally occurring trace elements in their natural mineral form, the benefits of natural Himalayan Crystal Salt include: Regulating the water content throughout your body Promoting healthy pH balance in your cells, particu... more details

Soil Health Article

29th Jun 2018

Coming soon... more details